8 Reasons Why DisneyLand Paris Is The Ultimate Family Holiday Destination


Are you planning a vacation with your kids and not sure where to go? Then, Disneyland Paris can quickly come up on your list, Staying at Disneyland Paris hotel could be one of the most nostalgic moments for Disney fans. Commendable, exquisite and entertaining experience for the whole family. There are tonnes of interesting things that you can do during your stay in the Disneyland Paris treasures. Here are the top 8 things you can do at Disneyland Paris:

No.1: Meet all your favourite Disney characters
If you want family fun, there isn’t a place that’s more blissful than Disneyland Paris. You can hang out with Mickey or Minnie, or the Pluto on Town Square. They will give you a detailed walkthrough with everything important about the park.

No.2: Thrilling Rides
What about getting yourself an adrenaline-packed ride to Space Mountain Mission 2 with pure intensity and incredible special effects.

No.3: Fast Pass, no queues
If you want to take your child to a theme park but don’t want to spend hours waiting in the queue, then Disneyland Paris is made just for you. The FastPass allows you to enjoy rides without wasting any time.

No.4: Walt Disney Studios Park
Experience the magic at Walt Disney Studios park who will constantly snitch you with his quirky jokes while you can feel the joy of this interactive and unique Studios Park. Also, you can experience amazing rides like Crush Coaster and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in the Walt Disney Studios Park.

No.5: Dine with Disney Characters
Get on the table and join a Disney-licious meal with Suzy and Perla. If you want a great table of your choice for the meal times, contact Disney reservation beforehand.

No.6: Disney Village
Restaurants, live entertainment, shopping, dancing, Disneys Contemporary village is one of the biggest reasons why you should go to Disneyland Paris.

No.7: Swimming, Gold and other outdoor sports
It’s not just the rides and the Disney characters. If you want to unwind, get yourself in the pool or go on a golf session. You can also enjoy trekking with Davy Crockett.

No.8: Take the city tour
If you are going to Disneyland Paris, you can’t miss the opportunity to discover Paris and its surrounding whereabouts. There is a lot of things to explore in France region. Take a day trip and ask the concierge to accompany you.

Get ready, pack your bags, because it’s going to be a supercalifragilistic experience of your life in the heart of France. Whether you have young kids or teens, they will surely love this mesmerising place. There is also a dedicated channel that runs Disneys show throughout the day, so your hotel stays won’t be without Disney Magic.

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