Avoid Paying Parking Fines With DoNotPay.co.uk

Parking ticket placed under windshield wiper

The majority of us at some point in our lives have received a fine or penalty notice for parking in a particular place with parking restrictions. The rise of technology has also introduced cameras that can now scan your number plate and provide accurate arrival and departure times that may lead to a penalty notice if signage is not followed. We all know the expense of lawyers and how difficult it may be to challenge a ticket without the inside knowledge of laws and regulations that involve parking. Now there is an innovative new way of avoiding a parking ticket online which was designed by someone as young as 18 years old.

Josh Bowder from North London has designed and built the website DoNotPay.co.uk. This website can stop you from paying for parking tickets by instantly selecting your issue and choosing from an array of templates designed to email the parking company. The best thing about this is that it is free and according to Josh it will be free forever!

Below is the DoNotPay.co.uk Bot that will ask you the necessary questions:


Instant Template

DoNotPay.co.uk only takes approximately 30 seconds to complete. All you need to do is enter the details of your parking issue and the online bot will ask you questions. Once you answer all the questions you will have the option of printing the template, emailing yourself or saving the template.

Generate Template

Make sure you attach evidence and pictures to support your claim, having a witness and other evidence will bolster your appeal.

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