Follow These Safety Tips When Exercising Regularly


At some stage in our lives, we may decide to go to the gym because we may have put on more body weight over the holidays than we would have liked. This is great, the first step to improving our lifestyle. Keeping our bodies in peak fitness condition and allowing us to benefit from a healthier heart, mind and body. But as the article suggests we want to make sure that when you are involved in physical activity, you don’t end up injuring yourself.

I have ensured that my form and posture during working out is my primary focus. This should be yours as well, checking out our videos may help, or even ask an instructor at the gym. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Now let’s get into the tips:

1.Consult Your Doctor Before Exercise

First and foremost, this is just a check-up to ensure your body can cope with the intensity of working out on a regular basis. Now not everyone has to see a doctor, but there is no harm in doing so. If someone is overweight, it would be advised to see a doctor first. As people who are overweight are more likely to suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure.

2. Stretching Before and After Physical Activity

Stretching is of key importance when starting to put your body through any physical activity. When you stretch, your body becomes more flexible and improves performance. Yoga has been known to improve flexibility and allows the blood supply to flow to the muscles. If you ever complained about having sore muscles after a workout, there may be a reason why. Your forgetting a fundamental part of exercising. Stretching reduces the chance of injury by lengthening the muscles and maximising the motion. Hence avoiding any injuries that could lead to long-term problems.

3. When Going To The Gym For The First Time

The first couple of weeks in the gym are the hardest. Your muscles will be sore for long periods, and you will feel tired. Your recovery rate will be low, and your motivation may be lacking. But what you must do is keep focused and motivated. While doing this, you must be careful not to overtrain. If you overtrain or in gym terms ‘ego lift’, you are going down a dangerous path of embarrassment and fatal injury.

You are not going to lift weights like a bodybuilder, it takes time. What you must think about is progress. Bodybuilders didn’t become ridiculously strong overnight, they kept up focus and motivation and ensured that they lifted weights realistically. Time is your enemy, but if you work out correctly, it will be your friend. Your progress will give you more motivation which then allows your body to become fitter and stronger than ever before. The point of the matter is progression, development and improvement are the three fundamental words that you should follow. When you go to that gym, there is no one else there apart from you, your headphones and the gym equipment.

4. Pay Attention To Your Body

We all have routines to abide by, but we also have to safeguard ourselves from any signs of physical injury. If you are constantly feeling tired after a workout or suffering from aches and pains, then you must act quickly to avoid this. Number one rule of physical activity is rest, give your body time to recover even if you miss a day or two of your routine.

5. Buying The Right Gym Clothes

Finding the right gym clothes will provide you with safety and comfortability throughout your workout. If you are a keen runner then finding high-quality running shoes will give you comfortability and forward motion in mind to reduce injury. Purchasing sports clothes relevant to the weather will allow more movement of the body. Nowadays companies have been designing sports clothing known as ‘performing apparel’ that soaks up perspiration and avoids clothing to stick to the skin of an athlete.

6. A Keep Good Form

There are always people at the gym that lift weights that are way to heavy for them. They may think they are smart or cool but at some point, this bad posture will lead to severe injury. As I have said in this article you are at the gym to improve physical fitness, so do it right or don’t bother at all. Below I have listed the most important points of good form:

Breathing – In any exercise, breathing is essential to allow your muscles to receive the correct amount of oxygen to enable them to contract.

Avoid Using Momentum – Use your muscles to lift weights, not the momentum that you gather. If you are resorting to using momentum while lifting, then lower the weights.

Slow and Secure – Avoid rushing through your sets and allow yourself to fulfil a full range of movement. If you maintain a steady rate of movement, your muscles will benefit.

Tighten Core Muscles – Your core muscles are your body’s support system, so correctly tightening the muscles will build your mainframe stronger. Allowing more strength and power and reducing any chance of injury.

Mirror – You ever wonder why there is a mirror in every single gym on the planet? Well, that’s because it’s there for you to ensure you are lifting correctly and for the smug people to tense their muscles, sigh.

7. Drinking Water

When the human body is involved in any intense type of physical activity, the body’s temperature will start to increase. The increase in temperature in the body then leads to sweating. Sweating is the bodies mechanism to lower its temperature. The moisture (sweat) that is lost can result in dehydration. On average, people lose as much as one litre of fluid during a one-hour workout. Not drinking enough fluids will lead to tightening of the muscles and cramp. Make sure you take a bottle of water with you to the gym, most gyms will have facilities to fill your bottle up.

8. Understanding How Weather Conditions Affect The Body

In the United Kingdom, the weather is wet, windy and rainy. The UK only has hot temperatures in the summer, and even that would be lucky. Even so, many of our readers may be from hotter or drastically colder parts of the world. So read on to find out how weather conditions can actually affect your body and the possible life-threatening complications that may occur if you are not careful.

Cold Weather – This is the most likely type of weather we will experience in the UK. When weather conditions are cold, you must complete a warm up to raise the temperature of your body. If you go into an intense workout without a warm-up, there is a possibility that this may lead to a heart attack.

Motivation is at its lowest after the summer is complete. Most gym goers end up losing the motivation when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Looking for a buddy to workout with may make you forget about the harsh conditions of the weather.

Hot Weather – This type of weather is a rare occurrence in the UK, but we must still be aware of how this may affect the body. The heat can actually bring on serious problems when you are putting your body through physical activity. The heat might affect the muscles and lead to severe heat cramps and painful muscle contractions. I have had these myself, and the pain is excruciating, try and avoid this at all cost by lowering your body’s temperature. Drinking lots of water will hydrate your body and reduce any chance of injury.

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