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Customers stick too long to their broadband or phone network provider and end up paying more than what is necessary. The chances are that you could be overpaying up to £250 in a year if you fail to negotiate a better deal by haggling with the big companies. You may not have the time or just don’t realise, but one 10-minute phone call could actually save you hundreds of pounds a year.

There are many ways to get a good deal from broadband providers as a new client or old. Switching from your provider to another is not the only way of getting a better deal. For those that dont want to go through the stress of switching your provider from A to provider B, you can negotiate a good deal from your existing broadband provider through haggling.

The Art Of Haggling

Often individuals find it difficult to haggle, but that shouldn’t be the case. Maintaining broadband does not come cheap; don’t be deceived by the low prices that headline the adverts. Always be willing to improve your price on your bills as people can actually get really good deals. However, new customers are always treated differently from the loyal clients that have stuck with their providers for years. They seem to offer more juicy deals to new customers as a way of attracting them, but in the long term, the prices you pay reduce your bank balance significantly.

Bear in mind that broadband and phone average cost together is over £100’s and that’s ignoring television. Consider this, you as a long term customer have been paying a direct debit every month for a service. The phone or broadband company have secured you in there hook. If you call up and state that you are concerned about a service or cost they are going to try everything to keep that customer from leaving. The art of the haggle is in the technique, you are not going to leave but you are placing the ball in the provider’s court to act upon “dissatisfaction” of there service. People may be reluctant to haggle a deal out of companies but at the end of the day if you can save hundreds of pounds, why shouldn’t you?

Long Term Customer

Haggling is the best way old customers of these broadband providers can negotiate a better deal on their contract. If you are willing to take the challenge to haggle with your broadband provider, you could slash your phone, TV, and broadband bills. There is no guarantee that you will get a hundred percent success rate when you haggle with your provider, but if you dont want to be taken for granted, it is better to take the challenge.

If you have been a long-term customer of these companies, it will be much easier to get a reduced rate. EE is known to provide a discount on their contracts and even provide you with a larger internet deal. You must be patient when you are ready to give your provider a call, be prepared. Do your research before you can and when you do call up tell them why they should provide you with a better deal. They are looking to keep you as a customer as providers see you as money maker.

Sky, with their numerous bundling packages, is best known for giving juicy deals to retain their customers, or to keep all the packages they’ve been taking. This does not mean that they are the only provider with a high level of success with haggling, or that other TV, broadband and phone providers are not doing the same thing.

TalkTalk will most times offer to match prices when they understand that their customers are looking for better deals from other providers or packages. Virgin Media also has a huge customer retentions department, so there is a high possibility of cutting your cost with them. The fact that these companies have departments to ensure that they keep their customers, shows that the likelihood of negotiating a better deal is high.

Best time to call up is before the end of your contracted service with a provider. Its unlikely that a provider will offer a new customer any deals after already getting you to agree a long term deal.

What To Remember When Hunting For a Better Deal

Prepare Yourself

Think about what you are about to say when you call up the provider. Having a quick look at other deals on the market may give you some leverage by showing them that there is no reason to stay. At this point, they will find ways to keep you, this means offering you a discount or add to the package. Going to competitors websites and seeing what they are offering is a good tactic to have in your arsenal. Once you call, keep some leverage until the customer support advisor is open to the idea of a discounts or offers.

Stay Polite and Build a Rapport

If you call up angry and distasteful, you are less likely to receive any deals. They have every right to turn you away. So make sure you build a rapport with them on the phone, should be easy as they will be doing the same to you. Sometimes its luck that gets you the deal, it can depend on the person that you are on the phone with. Might be worth getting a feel for the advisor before you stick the bombshell.


This is where you have the upper hand, express your disappointment at the companies inability to provide the service that they promised you. Whether that be poor speed broadband or terrible phone network, voice your concerns and make it clear that you have looked at other deals and are thinking of abandoning ship.

Don’t Go Over The Top

You should know at what point to stop, getting carried away with asking for ludicrous requests will not get you anywhere. Complete your research on what you are requesting and stay realistic or you will get nowhere.

The Offer

At this point, they are about to make you an offer that you ‘can’t refuse’, well you’re going to do just that. Don’t accept the first offer that they give you, sound displeased and start fishing for some add-ons to see where that gets you. If they are not allowing further deals or discounts, contemplate whether it’s worth staying with the provider before you accept. Bear in mind that once you accept the discounts or offer you will be agreeing to a new long-term contract.

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