How To Stop Smoking and The Rise of E-Cigarettes


Welcome, my name is Jay, and I am a writer at HorizonKick. We are going to talk about my experience when I successfully quit the death stick.

I think one of the hardest thing in life for me was to stop smoking after six years. What I realised when I attempted to quit smoking is that the actual routine and the action of smoking was something that I would miss. Nicotine, one of the most addictive drugs in the world was definitely a hindrance, but it wasn’t the problem. This would be my 5th attempt at packing it in, pardon the pun, and it would be my most successful. After using many other options, I found that patches were the best solution for me. Patches remove the action and routine, but still pumps nicotine through your blood. You have options in the strength of course; I went for the highest nicotine content first and slowly went down.

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After a few weeks, I stopped altogether and found that my need for a cigarette had vanished. I was around people who smoked, and I had no desire to require one from them. After I had stopped using the nicotine patches and cigarette’s, I realised how damaging this addiction actually was, and I’m not talking health wise. The amount of money I was spending on a daily basis was astronomical, and you don’t realise as a smoker how much money is spent. My bad habit was so bad that I was buying 20 cigarette-decks almost every day. I worked out that my spending for the month was nearly £250. What do you actually gain from smoking, for a short-term nicotine rush you inhale chemicals that are dramatically damaging to your body. The only time I looked forward to a cigarette and I’m sure many smokers would agree, was when you wake up, and after a meal. Don’t get me wrong I loved smoking, but I had to change my lifestyle because of the amount I was smoking and the effect it started to have on my life. You don’t need to spend money on patches or nicotine gums it’s how strong willed you are and your mindset. Don’t get me wrong they helped me to stop smoking for good, but you can still stop without.

If you stop smoking, do not even think about persuading yourself to have ‘just one’ because I know from experience that will bring you down a road that most likely take you back to smoking. If you are going to stop then make sure never to smoke again, ever.

One option that I have tried and now consider a hobby is an e-cigarette. There is nicotine but no harmful chemicals that would destroy your insides. I thought this was great, and so I used this every now and then. The choice of flavours was fantastic, I went to an e-cigarette shop and was shown the many different flavours and sticks that one would use if they wanted to take part in the biggest dramatic rise in the industry. After a period of 30 minutes discussion, I bought one and ever since been using it. Now I want to make sure that if you have used patches or lozenges as a cigarette substitute or even have gone cold turkey, I stress that going to E-Cigarettes can lead to life back on cigarettes as the whole action is similar, but I chose this option because I enjoy it too much.

After purchasing the necessary E-cigarette pen, I found a shop near where I live, and this changed the whole game. There are different sized batteries for longer more powerful E-cigarettes and a tank called a clearomizer where the e-liquid is stored and primary part of the vaping process. The selection of tanks is fantastic, each one offering something different depending on your personal preference. This could be the specialised flavours, ease of use or the amount of vapour. I would suggest going to an E-cigarette shop. You get to see/use the selection of products on display and ask as many questions as you like.

The rise of this industry saw an increase in the amount of shops so it will be likely there will be one local to you. If you don’t have any locally then I would suggest using the website UKEcigstore below. I would also recommend purchasing the Aspire Atlantis clearomizer, an exquisite company with a very high-quality product. I bought one myself at the shop and I was amazed at the quality. But what I said still stands, buy online if you have no shop nearby. Because going to a Vapour shop you can try everything out yourself.

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