Top 3 Surveys To Make More Money In 2019


If you fancy making some quick cash on your lunch break or at home, then completing online surveys could be good for you. Without necessarily having any particular skill or talent, you could earn hundreds of pounds a year. Just by answering a few questions you will be surprised by how much you can earn. Online surveys are easy, quick and even fun. They are simple activities that require giving answers to questions which any person can easily do. In fact, you can earn some extra cash as a respondent from online surveys. However, before plunging into it, there are some important things you need to know on how you can easily and quickly make money completing online surveys. We are aware of how frustrating it can be finding a legitimate survey website that pays you well but fear no more. Below, we have our favourites that pay a pretty price for some of your time.

Online surveys are a medium through which companies receive information from the public about people’s thoughts on the items they sell on the high street. They are desperate to know what you think about their products, and to this end, they are willing to pay you for your opinion. This is what online surveys are all about. Most survey sites operate differently in terms of time and effort and the payments involved. Some sites could pay £5 to complete a survey that may last for about 30 minutes while some would pay £10 or even £15 for filling out a survey within the same time frame. This could be a regular source of quick and easy money. Though it is very common to earn between 50p and £3 for every completed short survey you could earn up to £15 per survey. So you can expect to earn up to A£50 every month if you make time to complete paid surveys regularly.

Bear in mind, that patience and consistency are essential virtues an aspiring survey stasher should exhibit. Making money completing online surveys is all about focusing on those that have a reliable volume of surveys, decent payouts, and low payment thresholds. It is not about registering for every single survey site you search for on Google, the fact is there are so many survey websites out there that it may become frustrating bumping into scammers, leaving you wondering if there really is a survey website that you can make money from. The good news is we have looked through the web to find you the best-earning survey sites in the United Kingdom. We have handpicked our favourites down below, providing you with good reasons why they are the top of the list.



SwagBucks is one of the most popular and reliable Survey sites in the country. With a membership of over 10 million, you can earn £3 on each survey that you complete. SwagBucks is now considered a marketplace for customers who want to make money through market research, searching the web, watching videos and playing games. One of the reasons we have put this website first is the number of opportunity’s SwagBuck provides customers to make money.

SwagBucks Shopping – Shopping at the most popular retailers, you can receive SwagBuck points that you can exchange for Paypal Credit or Retail Gift Cards.

SB Search and Earn – Setting your internet browser search engine to SwagBucks means you can earn points while you search.

Watch Videos – Watching videos that SwagBucks has on its website can earn you a few points per video.

Play Games – Swagbucks has some games for you to play where you can earn up to 10 points

Answering Surveys – The reason we are writing this article, using SwagBucks is smooth and one of the best in earning a good sum. Completing these in your free time you will notice your points building up very quickly

SwagBuck Discover – Exploring the special offers that SwagBucks provides you can earn some serious points depending on offer you take up

Once you have made enough SwagBuck points, you can exchange them for Paypal Credit or Retail Gift Cards. SwagBucks provides users with a variety of options to choose from when cashing in on their points.A SwagBucks is our number one choice for surveys, we have not found a worthy competitor as of yet that meets their standard.



Prolific Academic is a market research platform that was designed by Oxford University. Prolific allows users to create surveys or tasks for others to complete for money. Users who would like to make money completing these surveys will be able to find available surveys on the dashboard once they sign up. One thing that users may notice that will be a relief, is the fact that Prolific will automatically show the surveys that users are eligible for. This is something not only saves time but stops the frustration that occurs on other survey websites, where you can spend 10 minutes completing the form only to find out you are ineligible for the survey.

Any Payments earned will be through Paypal. The threshold is very low but to avoid any Paypal Fees its advised to accumulate £20 before you withdraw your cash. The researchers should clear your payments after the study is complete. But if nothing has been done within three weeks, Prolific will automatically credit your account.

Prolific has designed a scoring system that will be based on the quality of the submissions that you make. Everybody will start with the score 100/100, only changing if a submission is rejected. If you make high-quality submissions, then you will be scored higher. The better your score, the more likely you are to be sent more to complete.



Picking the last Survey website was a tough choice, we wanted to find something that offered the quality of the first two choices. After much consideration, we decided to choose I-Say by Ipsos, one of the biggest online market research businesses in the world. Similar to SwagBucks,A completing tasks and surveys will credit you points which you can redeem later on for Gift Cards and Prizes.

When you sign-up you will be asked questions that will determine later on what surveys you will be qualified to complete. All surveys that are available to complete will be sent to you via your email address. One problem that you may encounter with I-Say is when you are completing pre-survey questions and only finding out after finishing the questions you are not eligible. It’s not all bad news though, as you will be given 5 points for each survey that you are not successful with.

I-Say will credit you with points for every survey that you complete, the amount that they give you depends on the length and time of the survey. Usually, you will be credited with 5 – 250 points per survey. You will need a minimum of 1380 points before you can redeem your points. Once you have met the threshold, you can redeem your points for Paypal, gift cards and if you are feeling charitable, you have the option to send money to a selection of charities. You can also keep up to date with the downloadable phone app if you are away from a computer.

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