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Would you like to get paid for casually using the internet? Well, now you can, with Qmee you can search through Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo or Bing and earn money. Qmee only needs to be downloaded once and will be installed as an add-on in your web browser. When you register your email address and password with Qmee, you will have instant access to Qmee’s dashboard. Qmee will guide you through how to use the system and you will also be sent to the Google search engine and have Qmee provide you £0.10 instantly. Qmee will work on all well-known browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera.

How To Earn Rewards Through Search Engines and The Market Place?

As said in the introduction Qmee will provide you with sponsored ads through Google, eBay Amazon, Yahoo and Bing. When searching through these websites, Qmee will provide you with related adverts on the left sidebar that you can click, as seen below. It will display the sponsored advert and the amount of money you will make when you click the ad, on this occasion, the ad below does not show the amount of money.

If you are wondering if Qmee is secure then don’t worry, Qmee provides a high level of encryption and all your details are secured on their servers. They also use well-renowned website Paypal for any withdrawals, so every part of the process has a high level of security. When you so withdraw the money that you have earned, this will go instantly into your account.

Make Money Through Amazon, Google and Ebay


The Qmee extension will work in your browser in the background on websites like Google, Amazon and Ebay. When you are browsing on these sites, Qmee will notify you on the left handside of your browser if there is money to be made. Once Qmee pops up, it will show you the website title, small description and the value that you could earn if you click the link. Bear in mind that usually Qmee will popup when you are browsing for certain keywords.

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Complete Surveys To Earn More

Qmee Survey

Qmee offers users the option to complete surveys and earn money from them. Above, you will see an example of what a survey may look like. The surveys will be updated regularly and can also be completed on the Qmee app on your mobile phone. Surveys can take from 5 minutes up to an hour and can range from 0.05p up to a couple of pounds.

Every survey will have a certain criteria that you will need to meet before you will fully complete a survey and receive funds. There are multiple reasons why you might not be successful. The survey may have met the maximum number of respondents, criteria may not have been met or the survey was inconsistent and rushed. You may have the urge to complete surveys by clicking randomly and rapidly but this maybe considered a fraudulent attempt at completing a survey and be declined immediately.

Where Does The Money Come From?

Qmee provides the user with ads from businesses that pay Qmee to display them. In a nutshell, when you click the sponsored links, you and Qmee will be making money from companies who have funded them. What you earn depends on how much a business wants to spend to show you a result, they will also take into account how often you click results, the type of searches and how long you spend on the pages.

How Do I Withdraw?

Qmee allows users to withdraw their piggy bank balance whenever they like through Paypal, Gift Card or Charity contribution. There is no threshold applied and you can withdraw the 10p they add to your account at the beginning of the tutorial. When we signed up in the introduction we received 0.10p on Google and then completed a 0.05p survey. Once completed, this was added to our account. All you need to do is link your PayPal account to Qmee and then withdraw the available funds. Below you can see the payment we received within minutes.

Qmee Paypal

Qmee has chosen Paypal as their payment source, the time frame for receiving money is usually a few minutes (Banking hours, public holidays and systems outside Qmee’s control can sometimes cause a delay).

Qmee also provides users with an option to ‘help a charity’ where the money that you have accumulated can be given to one of many Qmee listed charities. Cancer Research UK and Lifebeat UK are one of many.

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