Matched Betting – Can You Really Make Up To £2000 A Month?


What is Match Betting?

Match Betting is a technique used by individuals to profit from free bets and bonuses provided by betting websites. The difference between this type of betting and others is the fact that this is risk-free. The technique used is not based on chance, it actually focuses on the mathematical theory that will guarantee a return. Match Betting involves signing up to many different bookmakers who are providing offers when you have signed up then you will use a betting calculator to compare the odds and the return you will make.

Before we get to the Betting Calculator, first we need to understand betting terminology for a more grounded understanding. The most important being the Back bet and the Lay bet, the backbone of Match Betting:

Back Bet

This type of bet means that you are putting money on something to happen. You are backing a team or a score line to come through. So for example, if you apply a back bet on Manchester United to win and they either draw or lose, you will lose all your stake.

Lay Bet

This means you are going against something to happen. If you put down a lay bet against Manchester United and they either draw or lose, then you will win. This is where the concept of Matched Betting comes from. When there are special offers and bonuses from two different brokers, you will be using them for one broker to back bet and the other to lay bet. With the free bets on two different bookmakers you are guaranteed to win on one of them.

Now that we have shown the types of bets, we will now look at using the website Profit Accumulator to work out what bets we will place. The system will choose this, all you would need to do is place the bets.

Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator is completely legal, all you are doing is taking advantage of the special offers that the brokers provide on their website. They use special offers to entice new and old customers, so offers will be on most broker websites forever. If you have an account already, then expect to receive reload offers from the broker. They provide offers to old customers as a technique for customers to start betting again. This is ideal for you as you are only allowed one account, so reload offers will be relied upon later on. Profit Accumulator is free to use for one month for you to gain experience using the platform. When you sign up, you will have access to videos and tutorials that will give you step by step lessons on how to bet and also how to use the calculator.


Below you will see the Profit Accumulator Calculator in action, providing you with live bets to use from two brokers. You will be able to choose a particular broker. We have chosen Coral as seen below. Now, to the right is the betting exchange brokers. You will have a choice of Betfair, Betdaq, Matchbook and Smarkets, these four will be where you place your lay bets. As a back bet, you can choose any broker.

As of writing this article, the Euros Semi-Finals are on with France vs. Iceland. You will find that popular competitions and horse races will have reload offers every single day. This is where you can take advantage of the system and find your full potential. Below we have a list of what each title is showing to help you understand what you are looking out for.

Event date/Time – This is self-explanatory, provides you with the time and date of the event that you will be betting on.

Event Name – This will show you event details.

Bet – Guidelines on what you will be betting on when you have worked out on Profit Accumulator calculator the best event to bet on.

Market Type – This involves the broker site and the different markets that they have in the event. An example would be the ‘correct score’ or ‘player to score next’.

Rating – This shows how much of your bet you will be earning after the bet is finished. This includes the lay bet and back bet. Anything over 100 means that you will be making a profit.

Bookie/Exchange Odds – Bookie and Exchange odds are shown.

Available – This is the total amount of money that you will need to cover both bets. The lay bet will require more money than the back bet as you are betting against something to happen.

So now we have got that out the way lets choose an event from the image above. The highlighted part is our choice, the reason being the investment into this bet is relatively small, approximately £10.80 according to Profit Accumulator. Now to the calculator itself, as seen below, when you have decided on the bets you will make from two brokers, the calculator will work out how much money you will make after the bet is complete.

This will take into account if you used a qualifying bet or a free bet. A qualifying bet is the first step of the Match Betting process. This bet is only to turn the qualifying bet into a free bet. After you have turned the qualifying bet into a free bet, you will place a second bet with the same principle using the calculator. It’s advised for this second bet to try and find the highest odds. This will mean more investment because you have to lay the bet as well.

When we back and lay the bet we will receive a profit of £0.13, this does not matter. The main point of the qualifying bet is to gain a free bet. We have accomplished the free bet and have the extra £0.13. The next step is to follow the same steps but with a free bet.

The Profit Accumulator Calculator provides us with all the necessary information that we need. You will be shown your liability which for this certain bet is £7.37. This is the amount you have to cover the broker for the lay bet. Below this will show you your winnings for either the bookmaker or exchange win.

Can You Really Make Up To £2000 A Month?

Matched betting is a great way of making some extra money on the side. The issue is the consistency that you earn money. Depending on what big sports events are on you can make a lot of money. I have seen people make around £500 a month which is great and completely tax free. But if you are thinking of quitting your day job then you probably will have to find a way of using more then one account to really earn a serious amount of money. This is against all of the betting brokers policy and will lead to suspension of your account and will stop you from making money in the future.


Profit Accumulator can make you money and would be a good second income. It would be advised to watch the videos provided when you sign up. Profit accumulator is impressive in regards to the online videos guides. Whatever you do before you start betting we advise you to make yourself comfortable with how the system works first. As stated before, the big events are where the potential for money making bets can be made. Registering is simple and takes less than a minute to use the system.

Profit Accumulator is a trusted website with a Trust Pilot score of 9.3 out of 10.

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