Purple Parking: The Premier Valet Service


Since 1925, Purple Parking has been providing an exceptional parking service throughout the United Kingdom, holding the Park Mark Safe Parking award since the award’s inception in 1992. From what we’ve gathered, even the highest of authority has received service from Purple Parking, giving us the notion that they are completely trusted. They don’t just provide regular parking. They have a significant portion that works with airport parking. We’ll touch base more on their airport parking in this article below.

Premier Airport Parking

Purple Parking has a plethora of parking services including:

  • Meet and greet parking
  • Park and ride parking
  • Park and ride premium
  • Q-Park City Centre Parking
  • Business parking services

But nothing measures up to their prestigious airport parking, which allows people to get where they need to be as soon as possible. They offer parking services in the following locations:

  • Aberdeen airport
  • Belfast airport
  • Birmingham airport
  • Bristol Airport
  • Cardiff Airport
  • Doncaster airport
  • Dover port
  • Dublin Airport
  • Durham Tees Valley Airport
  • East Midlands Airport
  • Edinburgh airport
  • Exeter Airport
  • Glasgow Airport
  • Humberside International Airport
  • Leeds Bradford Airport
  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport
  • London City Airport
  • London Gatwick Airport
  • London Heathrow Airport
  • London Stansted Airport
  • Luton Airport
  • Manchester Airport
  • Newcastle Airport
  • Prestwick Airport
  • Southampton Airport

and more than a dozen airports throughout the US, Canada, Australia, Italy and New Zealand.

Purple Parking aims to park cars for those who must run on business, vacation, and more, and want their vehicles secured away when they drive there. It’s convenient that they offer a wide variety of extras, so you know you’re getting the safety and security you need. Some of these extras include travel insurance, secure bag tags, and bag transportation.

Non-car extras from Purple Parking include destination transfers, airport lounges, travel money, and attraction tickets. For those who travel out of the country a lot. Purple Parking has the ability to give the best deals in foreign currency exchange. When transferring money with this company, you’re able to purchase a great deal and have it sent to your home before your trip. Allowing you more time to focus on what’s in front of you rather than the safety and cost of your vehicle and cash. When you order online with PurpleParking, you receive:

  • 0% commission
  • Free insured Royal Mail when you spend over a certain amount
  • No bank charges when using a debit card
  • Much better exchange rates
  • More than three dozen types of currencies
  • A super secure system

Purple Parking wants to make sure your car is safe as well as your safety net for your travels. Never be left out in the dark again by not knowing how much you’ll receive through different currency exchanges.

Optimal security

To make sure your cars are secured while you travel, Purple Parking has 24-hour surveillance. Not only are your cars getting secured away, but you’re also able to know that the car park is manned every second of the day. Purple Parking goes the extra mile and spends the extra dollar on the latest technology to give you the best service you need. With floodlighting, entry gates and barriers you will have the piece of mind throughout your venture. We highly recommend this company when it comes to your travelling needs and storing away your car.

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