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Have you ever thought that you are spending way too much time online looking for discounts? Well, you will glad to hear, we have found and reviewed two internet browser plugins that will alert you of any discounts while you shop online. Downloading the extensions takes a couple of minutes and will work in the background, alerting you when discounts can be found. In theory, its free money and it would be silly to ignore! This will be the last day that you go looking for voucher codes again! We welcome you Honey and Pouch.



JoinHoney is a browser extension that provides customers with vouchers and coupons. Instead of going on a site like Groupon and searching for vouchers and deals yourself the extension works in the background. All you need to do is install JoinHoney’s browser plugin and carry on about your business. If that business is looking for a new top or dress online, then the plugin will look for any vouchers/coupons from that website and notify you of discounts you can make. The extension will attract your attention by turning from a grey colour to an orange colour.

It’s your voucher database on the right-hand side of your screen. If you search through JoinHoneys sidebar you can find some great deals from many different vendors. Times Magazine has reviewed and has concurred that ‘it’s basically free money’. Below we have an example when we went to the ASOS store. Immediately, you can see multiple different discounts that can be made!

JoinHoney Discounts

JoinHoney works with hundreds of online shops and once you do arrive on a page where there are discounts, JoinHoney will instantly tell you what discounts can be made. There is no need to register to view the vouchers that JoinHoney provides. However, registering will allow you to use the plugin which in our opinion is paramount. Once you are at checkout all you need to do is let the extension do its work and go through all the vouchers and codes and once one has worked they will show you how much they have saved.

HoneyGold CashBack

Once you have found a product with a voucher provided by Join Honey, you will also be given a proportion of the commission that is made by them as a cash bonus. The amount that is provided by HoneyGold could be up to 20% in over 4,500 stores. Any HoneyGold currency earned can be exchanged either through Paypal or as an Amazon gift card.

Activating Cash Bonus

A cash bonus will be shown in the Honey plugin, on the top right corner of your toolbar. By clicking on the Honey icon, you will be able to see if you can claim HoneyGold cashback. You will be prompted to press ‘Get Bonus’ which will activate it before purchase.

Last thing! Make sure you go to JoinHoney website for daily updated discounts from around the UK.


Pouch Saver

Pouch is a UK based voucher and coupon finder and was actually pitched on the BBC’s Dragons Den. JoinPouch is very similar to JoinHoney but is more targeted for users in the UK. Once you register, you can go onto there website and go to each retailer and check what discounts and offers that they are offering at the time. Below is a list of the major shops and retailers that Pouch works in partnership with to get the best deals.


Once you have downloaded the Pouch extension to your internet browser you will notice a moneybag with a ‘P’ in the middle. The icon should be on the right-hand side of your browser but can vary depending on your browser. Usually, the icon will be grey, but when you start searching on websites like Amazon and Tesco’s you’ll notice that the grey icon becomes orange. This usually is there to alert you that there are some discounts to be had. All you need to do is click the pouch icon and deals and codes will be displayed. Check out when we searched Tesco and what discounts it provided us below.

Amazon Deal Finder

Amazon Deal Finder

Amazon is, without a doubt, our favourite for purchasing items online. Their consistency with delivery and the review system allows users to make a decision on what the best item is to buy in the market. Check out our article on Amazon Prime. Pouch provides users with a tool to help find discounts on Amazon. They call this Amazon Deal Finder, where you type in the item or department you want to check the best deals. Pretty handy tool for checking out the biggest discounts on Amazon to date.


After using both extensions, we found that utilising both of them is the best way to take advantage of the Voucher Discounts around the UK. JoinHoney definitely has much more websites where discounts can be made but they are both fantastic ways to save money online.

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