Selling Your Unwanted Items On eBay And Gumtree For Some Extra Cash


When it comes to online markets, know this: one mans junk is another man’s dream as what people seem to prefer is often astonishing. As such, don’t be quick to condemn all as rubbish because everything is worth a price on the online marketplace. Many old, unused or second-hand items are worth serious cash but to get this money rolling in, requires your knowledge of the right online market: eBay and Gumtree.

Online auctions remains the most popular means of selling unwanted items, a vast range of items go up for sale at these sites, some sell for astonishing amounts. By far, the most visited and popular site is eBay (, but there are others worth checking out like Gumtree (

A lot of individuals have had success selling their old stuff on eBay, this may allude to its upside of having a huge traffic potential of customers even though you may have to pay upfront to list your stuff. Gumtree is also one of the most popular online markets to list for selling your unused or unwanted goods; it connects about 15.3 million customers a month with about 1.9 million items on an average daily basis. Unlike eBay, it allows free listing of items only paying a fee if you require a quick sale or placed on the featured page. Gumtree also avails an easy sale and purchase of items locally thus saving the hassle of postage.

One persons junk is another persons gold!

Declutter Your House and Earn Money!

Apart from being environmentally friendly and bringing in extra cash, selling on eBay and Gumtree helps to declutter homes. After all, people only use the goods that you were going to throw in the trash, in all, no one is at a loss. Although, it is very much dependent on whether you are only interested in a few cast offs or full-time trading, committed money earners on eBays site board earn over £100 a year. It often feels addictive watching the bids come in with the pounds quickly adding up especially when the profit is from stuff that was only amassing dust.

The secret behind a companys quality of stock is the regular stock-check it carries out which helps to value the assets. Doing the same is not entirely out of place, you may walk through your home for items of value you are not in need of, once you find them, Gumtree and eBay will always help with an immediate sale. Ebay also has a feature that will provide you with an estimated value of your item, so you can get a rough idea at what price to sell at.

A lot of factors make eBay and Gumtree stand out as places to sell your stuff but with so much to select from, there is a need to make your products stand out as unique and full of quality. There is a certain way to sell your products, whether their new or clutter. Below we are going to list the most important things to bear in mind when selling on Ebay and Gumtree.

Best Way To Sell Your Items

Be Honest – When you are selling online, you should make sure that you tell the future buyer the condition of your item. Attempting to withhold this information will only make your life difficult when the customer receives his item.

More Photos – Make sure you take good quality pictures of your item. This will give the buyer a good idea of the condition and give them more of an idea whether to purchase. Do not use photos from online, take photos from your phone or camera. Ebay has a feature where you can send photos from your phone to your laptop Ebay account.

Descriptive – The description of Ebay and Gumtree allow the seller to provide all the necessary information about the item. If you have one or two sentences, this may put the buyer off as you may be hiding something.

The App – Download Ebay and Gumtree mobile app, you will receive live messages, alerts and offers straight to your phone. Responding to messages in a timely manner will make the deal more likely. If you ignore messages, the possible buyer will end up going to someone else to buy the same item.

Be Realistic – Be ready to receive offers, you will almost always receive a message offering a lower price for the item. Be realistic in your decision, are you really going to get any higher for your item?

Gumtree is ideal for people who want to sell the item locally, they don’t charge any fees for listing the item, and they won’t charge you a percent of the final value when its sold. The only time that they will ask for a fee is if you want your item featured. Economically, Gumtree is excellent way to sell your item. Your buyer will meet you at a specified destination, check the item and if they are happy they give you the cash and leave, job done. Ebay on the other hand, has fees for listing the item and also a significant percentage of the final value fee. Below I have listed the pros and cons of selling on Ebay.



Increased Sales

The scale of their online presence is the chief draw of selling on online marketplaces such as eBay. Nearly 18 million unique visitors are drawn on a monthly basis by Ebay alone what a lot of eyeballs, which can bring about higher sales volumes! A recent report showed that there was around £62 Billion worth of merchandise sold on eBay last year and 800 million items listed on the eBay marketplace. An astounding amount, this may be the reason why they can increase their fees with a strong market share.

Marketplace Infrastructure

When it comes to a marketplace, it all depends on strength in numbers. As is the case with the real world such as shopping malls, farmersa€™ markets, and food trailer parks, so does it imply in online marketplaces. Lots of customers who desire to have that kind of shopping experience can be attracted to the variety and all-in-one aspect of the marketplace.


Marketplace fees

Although you can potentially supercharge your sales when you set up shop on a marketplace, you can be exposed to another cost centre known as marketplace fees. Although it may vary from site to site, deductions are made as a percentage of each sale for most marketplace fees. It is good to have a firm understanding of the marketplace fees and a good sense of your margins before selling your products on it.

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No Fees

When you sell on Gumtree you can post as many adverts as you want and it wont cost a penny. If you are in a rush about trying to sell an item then you can choose a more premium feature of Gumtree, but that’s up to you. Otherwise you can focus on taking high-quality photos, writing a cracking description and using the app for people that are interested.

Don’t Have To Send Parcels

Most interest will be from people in your local area, this means they can collect the item at an agreed meeting place of your desire. Less time spent trying to send a parcel.

Cash On Collection

Gumtree does not have a payment system like Paypal. This means that you dont have to worry about transaction fees or waiting to withdraw your money.


No Verification System

Gumtree has a very laidback approach in regards to security. When you sign up to Gumtree you do not have to provide a bank account or any proof of identification to use their service. Fraudsters who use fake ads and criminals who focus on expensive items on sale are given the opportunity to commit a crime without a trace.

Attending Your House

Most of the time sellers will ask the buyer to come to there house. Most people have good intentions. But please bear in mind that they could be potentially scoping out your address. If you have some expensive items in your address i would advise on meeting at another location or outside the property.

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