What Do You Get With Amazon Prime and How Much Does It Cost?


Amazon is one of the most popular online electronic commerce and cloud computing company’s in the world. Through the years Amazon’s growth can be attributed to their ability to improve their services in a fast-moving competitive industry. An example of this is Amazon Prime, providing users with access to unlimited streaming of Movies, Tv Shows, One-Day Delivery, same day groceries and Prime Music. Amazon Prime provided users with one month free and then charged them £79 for the year. Now Prime is stepping it up, for those who don’t want to pay a yearly fee, they can pay a monthly fee of £7.99. If you only want to watch the films and shows that are on offer at Amazon Prime Video, you can now sign up for only £5.99 a month. That’s a lower price than Netflix and other streaming websites. Amazon Prime Video service has some magnificent films and shows, including The Grand Tour series with Jeremy Clarkson. Amazon is student friendly as well, if you are a student then you can sign up for a whole 6 months for absolutely free!


The £7.99 monthly price tag is much more reasonable, allowing customers to make a decision on how long they want the service for. Someone may not be ready to commit to the £79 a year that comes with the yearly fee. If you are not interested in the full Prime package then you can spend £5.99 on Prime Video on its own. Let’s take a look at the table that provides us in more detail what we get with each package:

Amazon Subscriptions

Unlimited One-Day Delivery

Amazon Prime includes One-Day Delivery on most products that you purchase from the Amazon website. To be eligible for delivery they usually have to be at one of many Amazon warehouses. When you become a Prime member on Amazon, you will automatically be given the option to use One Day Delivery. If you are not a member, you will still be able to choose this delivery, but you will incur a delivery charge. Once the order has been processed, you will be able to track the item in your account on Amazon.

2 Hour Same Day Delivery

What makes Amazon a powerhouse in the online marketplace is there ability to be able to send you an item within 24 hours. Well, they have outdone themselves again and in certain areas around the country can deliver you an item within 2 hours of ordering. This is unbelievable considering Amazon actually covers a lot of the UK with this offer. Below is the list of the main cities Amazon provides 2-hour delivery:

If you live close to these areas and would be interested in the 2 hour delivery you can check your postcode by clicking this link

Amazon Fresh

Free Delivery Over £40 Spend

Amazon seems to be placing its fingers in all of the pies in regards to online shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I have to say they are doing a very good job of it. Amazon recently released profits for 2018 with an eye watering $11.2B in profit. Considering the domination of Tesco’s in the UK, Amazon Fresh seems to be making a success of it. Providing further evidence that people are more than happy to order online in this modern era of online shopping.

Unlimited Movies and TV Shows

Prime Video is ideal for anyone who feels like they need to wind down or is in the mood for a series binge. Amazon provides you with a huge selection of enjoyable videos and with a free month to test them there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Shows and movies can be saved to a watch list where the viewer can go back on any platform and finish watching. The more someone uses Amazon Video the more likely Amazon can tailor to your tastes with suggestions. Amazon tries to shape its site to cater to its consumer allowing easier use of the website. Amazon was the first stream to provide HDR and Ultra HD quality videos to its consumers. Users also have exclusive content like the eagerly awaited series The Grand Tour. Financial Times has reported that the deal to bring in the presenters from Top Gear cost an astounding $250 million for 3 years.


This just shows the investment that Amazon are ready to make to acquire new talent and rights to popular films and shows. With Prime Videos you can register right now for only £5.99, you will receive a free month to try it out so there is no excuse to miss out on the new series of The Grand Tour.

Amazon Prime Free Trial

Amazon offers a 30-day free trial for you to experience their services before you carry on the monthly direct debit. You can cancel at any point within the free trial period. You will have to enter a debit/credit card to have access to the Amazon Prime free trial. I’m going to show you how to register for the free trial and then immediately remove your card from the trial. This will avoid any charges if you forget to cancel before the trial period ends. Even though you cancel your card you will still have access to 30 days of Unlimited Prime.

Amazon Cancel

Hover over ‘Your Account’ at the top of Amazon website.

There will be a drop-down menu

Click ‘Your Prime Membership’

Once on Membership Page, on the left hand side under ‘Payment Options’, you will see ‘Membership Management’

Click ‘End Membership and Benefits

Click ‘End Membership’

Once you have ended your membership you will have 30 days to enjoy Amazon Prime.

Prime Video Vs Netflix?

Once upon a time if we wanted to watch a film that was recently released we would have to register up with Netflix or BlockBuster (Nostalgia Moment) and rent a film/show out for a certain period. If we forgot to send/drop it off, then we would incur a late return fee. Well nowadays that has all changed, Netflix is now online and provides a vast collection of films and shows for the consumer to enjoy. We have now become a binge nation where series will be released in full rather than weekly. Prime Video was a late boomer into the market but has amassed 18,000 Films and 4,500 Tv Shows. These statistics come from the United States, but not to worry, users in the UK can have access to films and shows in the US by using a VPN service. What this does is trick Netflix/Prime Video servers that you are from that country and therefore allowed to have access to the servers collection of films and shows..

Netflix and Prime Video offer new customers a whole month free to try out their application and selection of movies and shows. If you are buying Prime Video only, then the cost will be £5.99 for the content. If you want everything included with Prime, then the cost will be £7.99/m. Netflix has three options, what you choose will depend on the quality of the content. Netflix provides Premium, but this comes at a price of £9.99/m.

Both Streaming websites have very high-quality videos for the viewer’s gratification, both streaming websites have invested a lot of money that allows cinema quality entertainment. Prime Video has improved astronomically over the past year to get to the stage it is now. This means that it is considered a worthy competitor to Netflix and other streaming websites.

Unlimited Photo Storage

Amazon Drive is included with the Prime subscription, this provides users with the ability to store photos in a secure online storage location. Once you have stored your photos on the Amazon Drive, you are able to sign in anywhere and be able to have access to your stored photos on the Amazon Cloud.

Prime Music

With Amazon Music, there is a variety of music that can be streamed at one’s fingertips. Amazon music has a massive music collection of around 40 million songs that are completely ad-free. Similar to Spotify you type the artist’s name and click on the album or song that you want to listen to. You can even add them to your library to listen to whenever you feel the need. Amazon Music can be used for 30 days free as long as you cancel by the end of the free trial.

Amazon Music Free

Honest Review Of The Alexa Echo

Having been given the Alexa Echo for a gift from a friend, I can honestly say that the sound quality is impressive and surrounds the living room. But that, unfortunately, is where my positivity ends. If you want the Alexa Echo as a music bar then you have chosen a good device. If you have bought the Alexa Echo as an assistant then you might end up pulling your hair out as I have on multiple occasions. I am much more impressed by the Google Home Assistant which would answer significantly more questions that I had. When i asked the Amazon Echo a question, it would respond with “I Don’t Know That One”. Watch out for the Amazon Echo though they are on big discounts at certain parts of the year and worth the money.

Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime has only recently been introduced, Amazon purchased ownership of the online streaming platform Twitch last year. They obviously had some plans to connect the two companies together. As a Amazon Prime customer, you will now have access to free games, ad-free streaming, discounts buying games on Amazon and one free subscription to a streamer of your choice on Twitch. If you are not an Amazon customer, you will still be able to register for a 30-day free trial.

If you would like to activate this new subscription as an Amazon Prime customer, you will have to go to the Link Here. Once you have clicked on the link, you will have to scroll down and find a box that is exactly like the screenshot below. Click on “connect your twitch account” and follow the steps provided by Amazon.



With Amazon Prime, you will have access to thousands of E-books all provided by other Prime users. At the Kindles Owners Lending Library, you will be able to search for books that other users have kindly lent out. PrimeKindle is similar to a library, leaving the borrower to finish the book and return it before they can search for another book.

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