What Is Arbitrage Betting and Can You Make Money?

Arbtriage betting

Arbitrage Betting or ‘Arbing’ is a betting technique where you place bets on two different bookmakers, betting on all outcomes for a guaranteed profitable result that
is completely risk-free. This is based on the mathematical process then betting on the actual event itself. When a bookmaker has placed odds higher than the market price (other bookmakers), the opportunity opens up for you to place a bet on both outcomes for you to make a profit.

The concept is similar to Matched Betting but you will need at least £200 – £300 in your bankroll account to really achieve full profit potential. You will have to be organised with your money as it will be in different bookmakers bankrolls. Once you have organised your money into different bankrolls you will only need to monitor sports events that could make you a profit and wait for an opening.

There will always be potential for using Arbitrage Betting, as different bookmakers will either have different odds on sports events or make a mistake when they price them on the market. Your job is to take advantage of this shortfall and profit from it, its all about timing and an element of luck. The more money you put in will lead to you reaping the greater rewards (Profit).

Difference Between Matched Betting and Arbitrage Betting?

Both use the same concept, you place bets on two bookmakers knowing that you are guaranteed a profitable return. Matched Betting relies a lot on free bets from bookmakers and much less bankroll then Arbitrage Betting. With Arbitrage Betting you will need a much larger bankroll to gain profit as you are only likely to earn a profit between 1% – 8% per sports bet. If you utilise the free bets the bookmakers will send you on top of that then you can increase profits dramatically faster. With Matched Betting, you can make 10 times more with just one sports event.

Is Arbitrage Betting Legal?

Arbitrage Betting is completely legal as you are only exploiting the market prices for a profit. There is potential for getting banned if you use this technique in a sporadic way though. Once you are banned from a bookmaker it becomes more difficult to utilise this betting technique. However, bookmakers are stuck in a rock and a hard place. They do not want to keep banning users as they have the potential to still make them money in the long term. At the end of the day, with this technique, one bookmaker will keep your money and the other will lose it. So at least one bookmaker will make a profit from you anyway, therefore, making it unlikely for you to get banned.

How To Avoid Getting Banned Using Arbitrage Betting

Although it’s very unlikely to get banned from bookmakers, you going to want to make sure that you don’t make it easy for the bookmaker to identify you as an Arbitrage Better. Arbitrage Betting is frowned upon with the bookmakers as they are not the ones who have the advantage in making money. Being careful will only lead to more profit, as the longer you complete this technique the more skilled you will become.

Timing – Most people will place sports bets on the day of the event as they are more likely to get better odds. Do not consistently make long term bets of over 5 days before the event starts. This may increase suspicion and may lead to suspension.

Depositing and Withdrawing Funds – If you have deposited a large sum of money to betting websites all at once this may raise suspicion for the bookmaker. If this is your first time using this technique a couple of hundred pounds would be a satisfactory amount. The same goes for withdrawing funds if you have profited from this technique then withdraw it consistently and not all at once.

Betting Patterns – When you are betting regularly you must think about if your actions and betting patterns are considered normal betting behavior. If you are consistently betting at random times and in obscure market places this will increase the likelihood of the bookmaker raising suspicion.

Betting Large Amounts – Arbitrage Betting is a marathon and not a 100-metre race, do not bet large sums of money on one bookmaker because of the potential profit. Your aim is to increase your bankroll in small increments re-investing if necessary and taking advantage of free bets as well. All these techniques will add up and will not alert any bookmakers.

Arbitrage Betting At Work

As we all know, bookmakers are out to make money and will make sure that the odds are over 100%. Anything over 100% will go straight into the bookmakers pocket as profit. Because there are a number of different bookmakers with different views on sports events you can play them against each other. Because it’s very unlikely that each bookmaker has the same odds and there leads an opening for the odds to be in your favour to make a profit. Anything below 100% will garner you profit.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Anthony JoshuaMohammed Ali
Odds Betfair1.103.91
Odds Bet3651.393.30

Using the Arbitrage method, I would stake £100 on Anthony Joshua on Bet365 returning me £139 if he won. I would then go onto Betfair and place £35.54 on Mohammed Ali to win getting a return of £138.96 if he won. In total, we have spent £135.54 in betting for both to win. Whoever ends up winning the fight, we will achieve a profit of between £3.42 and £3.46. This is more of an example of how the method works to get a better understanding because you can make up to 10% profit depending on the odds.

During a sports event you will usually have a 10 minute window to utilise the method before the bookmaker changes the odds again. So timing is certainly key when you are using this method. Bookmaking stores have a longer timeframe if you choose to place a bet though them.

Arbitrage Betting is utilised best when you have a larger bankroll as the profits are going to be between 1% – 10% of your stake. Many people have lost motivation because of this. Because of the amount of effort that it takes to find these profitable bets. If you want to achieve maximum profitable returns then the best option will be to rely on an Arbitrage Betting software that will do all the arduous work for you.

What’s The Best Arbitrage Betting Software?

Arbitrage Betting can be time-consuming if you decide to go it out on your own. If you want to increase your profits and save time doing so then utilising betting software is the best option. If you do want to go it alone and without spending a monthly fee then Oddschecker is always a good website to use. If you don’t have any betting accounts already, Oddschecker will provide you with the best sign up offers in the market. If you want to just ‘get your feet wet’, then Oddschecker can be a great way to practice the method. Just remember, most beginners will lose their money from making small mistakes in the market. They either incorrectly work out the profit or didn’t move quick enough into the market to achieve the profit. The method itself is guaranteed to make a profit when done correctly, inexperience is the main reason for losses.

Below we have chosen our best option for utilising Arbitrage Betting and Matched Betting together. Reading our article on Matched Betting will give you a better idea of how they both work. We believe that getting a better understanding of both techniques will accelerate profits and tax-free!


OddsMonkey is one of the best Arbitrage Betting software websites that we have used. OddsMonkey is actually free to use until you feel comfortable with what they offer. They start you off with your first bet, making upto £45 without having to commit to a premium service. Below the video explains everything you need to know to start:

EarnSaveMoney believes that using both Matched Betting and Arbitrage Betting is important to make the most money you can. Whilst you are on the hunt for potential Arbitrage profit you will be able to utilise the free bets that the bookmakers have through Matc Betting. OddsMonkey will provide you with in-depth lessons on how to place bets and use their system to make a profit.

With Oddsmonkey, you will use the Oddsmatcher software to identify any profit that can be made on the market using Arbitrage Betting. During this, OddsMonkey will send you daily offers that you can use for Matched Betting at the same time. If you organise accordingly you can potentially make hundreds of pounds a month.

The OddsMonkey Forum is one of the most important places to use once you are using the software. You all have the same motivation and thats making money! Going in there for advice and ideas is something that we advise

How Much Time Do I Need To Put In?

With Arbitrage and Matched betting, you are your own boss and you can choose how much time you want to put in. With everything, the more effort and time you put in the more profits you will have. OddsMonkey makes your life so much easier, you can use the Oddsmatcher software for working out the best bets to make. Any potential bets that are on the market will be sent straight to your phone for you to complete. So if you are concerned that you are at work all day and won’t be able to search then this should solve that.

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