What You Need To Do Before Going On Holiday – 2019 Guide


If your reading this article we are assuming that you have a long-awaited holiday in the next couple of months or weeks. We know how exciting it can be waiting to go on holiday to a new and hot location. We know that a holiday can be expensive, but with some added travel tips you will be able to avoid a holiday nightmare. Leaving your home unattended for a couple of weeks leaves the chance for opportunistic burglars finding there way to your door. Your house may provide enough information about being an empty home just by the build-up of letters through your door. You can avoid this by securing your house, locking all doors and windows and leaving blinds/curtains closed. Avoid publishing your vacation on social media sites like Twitter, as this may give enough information to take advantage of an empty house. It might be a good idea to ask your friend to come round every now and then to pick up your letters and check up on the house.

Light Switch Timer

One of our favourite options that you can use to stop prying eyes to your home is to keep your lights on and specific times of the day. You may think that your electricity bill will go through the roof. But with a light switch timer, you may save a lot more than you think. For only £34.99 you can buy a Switch Timer that you can set to turn on at specific times in the day. By keeping a light on in the nighttime this reduces the chance of someone attempting to break into your house. Burglars will scope out locations that are going to be the easiest to break into. Burglars do not want to be caught and will target the most vulnerable households. The best thing about the Switch Timer is how easy it is to install, with no screws or wiring needed, you will be able to place this over your light switch in under a minute.

Doorbell Camera

The Doorbell camera is an affordable and valuable security feature to have in your home. The best thing about the Doorbell Camera is how you can be anywhere in the world and still be able to connect to your front door whenever you want to. As long as you have a modern mobile phone you can download the app and connect this with your doorbell camera. The doorbell camera is designed to notify you when the camera registers movement and you can playback the footage to identify what the movement was.

The Ring Doorbell Camera app allows you to view in live mode if you want to see what’s going on and you are able to talk to whoever is at your door from your phone. The Ring Doorbell will allow you to change the settings so that you wont pick up cars coming passed on the road or pedestrians walking past your house. This will provide you an added bit of protection for you to be more relaxed on holiday.

Check Your Passport

You will need to provide your passport before you go on a flight in the UK and also when you arrive at your holiday destination. Make sure you check the expiry date of your passport, if your passport is out of date you will be refused entry. If you think your passport is lost or out of date and you don’t have enough time to send it through the post, then you can use a Fast Track Passport Service. You have two options that allow you to receive your passport more quickly than the usual application:

1 Day Premier Service -This service will mean you will go to the Passport centre to get your new Passport. You will need supporting documents that include two photos, this will usually take 4 hours until your passport is ready so grab yourself a coffee.

1 Week Fast Track ServiceIf you do not have time to wait for your passport then you can use this service. You still have to go for an appointment, but this time, you will be able to leave and wait for your passport within a week.

Below is the price between the two Fast Track Services:


Before going on holiday make sure you find out if you need a Visa, this can be done by going to the countries embassy’s website. Some holiday destinations can be very strict on passport expiry dates. If your passport is 6 months away from expiry there might be a chance that the country you are going to might refuse entry. Give yourself enough time for your Visa to be accepted, this can take days, weeks and even months for the country to authorise your visa.

Travel Money

With the confirmation of the UK leaving the EU the pound has dropped dramatically and the exchange rate of the GBP is at its lowest for years. This is not good news for holiday goers, the fall in the British Pound means that exchanging foreign currency will mean you will lose much more than before. If you want to find the best rates than CurrencyFair is the best option. They provide a peer-to-peer service that allows customers to put their own rates on currency for others to purchase. They also have reasonable fees which are much less than the banks and other currency exchange websites.

If having too much money on holiday is a concern for you, then you also have the option of using a Travel Money Card. This is basically a debit card that can be used in foreign countries without incurring any fees that you would expect using your own cards. The Post Office allows customers to load up to £5000 (when Registered) on their Travel Card, this will then be transferred to your preferred currency within 24 hours. Money that you add to your travel card is fixed rate with the Post Office, this means that any foreign currency you buy with sterling will not fluctuate.

The Post Office Travel Card is available in Euro, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, South African Rand, Swiss Franc & Pound Sterling. It’s also available to be used all around the world in restaurants, bars and shops that accept Mastercard. You will not be charged any fee for using this Travel Card in another country, unlike your bank cards which will be charged by your bank.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is one of the most important things to have while on holiday. It could be the difference between an £5000 bill or an enjoyable holiday. Travel Insurance will cover you for lost items, luggage, medical costs, emergencies, personal liability and much more. If you do not have travel insurance, you run the risk of incurring costs that will exceed the price of the insurance.

Benefits Alliance Travel Insurance is an affordable insurer with an exquisite policy that will cover you against any issues that you may have on holiday. Click Here to see the Benefits Alliance Insurance policy and what exactly you will be covered for. You must be aware that all Insurance policies will have an excess so make sure you look at a policy carefully before you purchase it. Knowing your insurance policy and information on how to make a claim abroad will make life a lot easier when you need to do so.

European Health Insurance Card

The UK government is currently negotiating with other countries on health care arrangements for UK nationals after 29th March 2019. Because of Brexit, you may soon not be entitled to free healthcare when you go abroad in EU countries. The advice of the Government is to purchase health insurance like you would in any other non-EU country.

Parking At The Airport

As we all know, parking at the airport can become very expensive especially during peak holiday periods. Finding the cheapest airport parking can be a time-consuming ordeal but with theA easy to use search engine Airparks, you will be able to find the cheapest airport parking in seconds. Once you go on the website, you will be able to choose the airport you will be flying from, the date and time and the terminal. Once you have completed this, then you press ‘Find Parking’, and it will send you to a list of prices from different companies. The lowest prices will be listed first, and you can even enter your flight number where you may be given a discount.

If you want to find an even cheaper way to park your vehicle while you are on holiday, check out JustPark.Com. This reminds me of AirBnB in the design and way you go about the website. Like AirBnB this website allows you to connect with other people and negotiate a price, removing the company. The downside to this is you are agreeing to park your vehicle on someone else’s drive, and so security may be a concern compared to Airport Parking.

Car Hire

Car Hire abroad can be a nightmare, some companies are renowned for adding extra fees when you go and collect your car. They obviously understand your position and take advantage of this to earn some more cash. Let’s have a look at the best place to find your car for a low price, like Airparks this website also has a search engine that will show you prices from all the car hire companies. You will be able to make a decision based on the review of others who have used the company, allowing you more confidence to spend your hard-earned cash. EasyCar will find you the cheapest prices for hired cars from anywhere in the world.

When buying car hire abroad, you must understand a few things that may increase the price. Anyone under the age of 25 will be charged a Young Drivers Fee, this may not be a significant amount so still check the prices beforehand. When buying car hire, you will be covered with basic cover. You can choose to increase this to full cover at a small fee. This will cover you for the car and breakdowns amongst other things. Please read the policy before purchasing. Something that you have to look out for is the excess that the company has on the vehicle, you will have to pay a deposit to cover the car if anything goes wrong. Some businesses have very high excess so make sure you read all documentation before you go through with car hire.

Using Your Mobile Phone On Holiday

You have to be careful when using your mobile phone on holiday as you may come back with a large bill for unplanned charges. The first step is to turn off data roaming before you set off for your holiday. You should Call up your network provider to discuss holiday roaming bundles that may save you money in the long run. Roaming charges are based on a local network provider giving data to you who will be charging fees to your network and in turn charge back to you. Using a WiFi network in your hotel and local wifi spots will save you substantial phone charges. Bare in mind that making and receiving phone calls can lead to charges from your network provider so you must check the network policy beforehand.

Using Your Bank Account On Holiday

Depending on your bank, you may have to call to inform them that you are going on holiday. This stops your bank from blocking your card if they think that the transactions that you make abroad maybe fraudulent activity. It’s always worth going on your bank’s website to check exactly what their policy is and to confirm what charges they have.

One of our favorites is Monzo,

Monzo bank makes life a little bit easier for people going abroad. They offer free no fee transactions and no cash fee up to £200.

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