Which Broadband Provider Is The Best?


What is the best broadband company in the UK? Well, there isn’t a straightforward answer to this question. Because there isn’t just a few but dozens of broadband deals that you can choose from. The result, mind boggle and poor decision. There is no one size fits all kind of thing here. Broadband not only depends on the provider, but you also need to take into consideration where you live. Some Broadband providers are better in other areas, so we are going to base this on an all-around performance. This is a list of the best broadband providers, not ranking.

Virgin Media

If you have no issues with landline and long contracts, Virgin Media offers a yearly broadband package for as low as £8/month for the first 12 months, followed by £19/month for the next 18-month contract. The optical fibre promises speeds of up to 200Mbps. Also, their one-time installation fee that you will also have to pay for. Virgin Medias seems to years above the rest of broadband providers, being the first to provide fibre optic and now allowing customers the fastest broadband speeds in the country. Uswitch awarded Virgin Media with the best customer rated broadband and best broadband provider 2016

If you are a University student, you will be able to take advantage of Virgin Media’s 9 month Student deal. They have a choice of 3 packages at speeds of 50Mbs, 100Mbs and 200Mbs. Virgin Media charge £34, £39 and £47 a month respectively. This may seem expensive, but usually, there will be a group of students paying the bills and in hindsight be a great deal for what you get. Students won’t need phone line rental which is required on other contracts, something that I haven’t seen provided by any other broadband provider.


Sky provides new users with great deals on their products, broadband at the point of writing this article is £5 a month for 12 months then £10 a month thereafter. What I have never liked about companies like Sky is how they show a deal as only £5. There is also an extra cost of £17.40 for line rental, this is still a great deal but you don’t half feel misled for the first couple of seconds of reading the deal. I’m not taking anything away from Sky, they provide customers with great products and fast broadband close to the quality of Virgin Media.


This broadband possibly provides the best rates but with too many terms and conditions. You can get EE broadband for an introductory price of £1/month for the first 12 months. But how is this possible. Well, as aforementioned there are too many complications. If you are within the coverage area of EE, you would pay £15.75/month for the line rental, but if you are outside the coverage area, you would be required to pay £24.95/month. The pricing will also vary depending on whether you are paying line rental upfront or monthly. The standard £1/month offers speed of just 17Mbps.

BT BroadBand

Claims to be Britain’s most powerful wi-fi signal, unfortunately, this didn’t help them win any awards at the uSwitch Awards Evening 2016. The prices on offer by BT Broadband are competitive but this is let down by the quality of their broadband. They may provide fast internet but as many reviews suggest, the consistency of internet speeds lets them down. Broadband.co.uk scores them 2.5/5 and TrustPilot scores them 0.4/10.


TenTel offers TenTel Advance. If you want hassle free internet use, get this subscription for £249.99/year inclusive of all costs. This includes the rental line and unlimited broadband for 12 months. Also, you get free delivery, free router and free weekend calls.


If you aren’t concerned much about the speed, this broadband service provides you with a cheap £15/month package for 16Mbps downloading speed. You also get free activation, unlimited downloads and free evening and weekend UK calls (landline only).
After the first month, you will pay £19/month.

Talk Talk

All broadband packages come with unlimited broadband, award-winning online security and a reliable router.

Fibre Optic only comes as an upgrade to any of the packages that they have and can lead to the cost of broadband becoming very expensive.

DST Broadband

DirectSave Telecoms most affordable package includes a year subscription for £290 plus one-time installation charges of £24.95. This makes your monthly bill no more than £24/month. With DST unlimited, you get a free router, free UK weekend calls and unlimited downloads.